الخميس، 10 نوفمبر 2011


The World is a Big Supermarket. Every one knows the supermarket; it is a very large shop where customers can choose from a large number of different kinds of food and other regularly needed goods.

But, has the world become a big supermarket? Yes, this saying is mostly by far true. If you pay, you will have everything: food, cars, furniture, clothes, lands and even human beings. Sorry, what did you say? Do we buy and sell man? Absolutely yes, you can say, it is a huge and painful dealing in the big supermarket.

In health field, the body of the man is profit market: heart, liver, eye, kidney, blood and even after death, the body will be sold to medical students. Another type, the body of a woman is sold too. You can note that in the Western countries where the prostitution is an active trade. Also, with regard to a high number of the populations, some of poor countries allow parents to sell their children.

In sport, in the whole world, man is selling and buying. In the state of Qatar, for example, a lot of players have been given Qatar's nationality and a hill of money to play in Qatar's name. Last year, Al-Ahly club has paid out millions to buy many players who are brought the league to the club.

In politics, superpower or big countries paid out billions to poor countries to impose their policy and to support them in the UN Security Council such as: Middle East countries, East Europe countries and republics of the former Soviet Union. Do you remember pre-war on Iraq? Something else, big companies have bought small companies to enforce their policy and to control the world market.

Socially, if you pay, people will claim you as a Pasha: just pay, you will marry a young beautiful girl, just pay, you will have a good job, just pay, you will have driving license without test, just pay, you will win your case in the court, just pay, many women will run for you, just pay, you will have a good health care, just pay, you will have a high degree.

Yes, maybe you are right. But, on the other hand you have forgotten three important things that you can never buy: Love, life and angels, just pray and do well, you will be the winner in the next world, where there is no supermarket

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